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Exhibition works


Year of composition: 2009

Audio samples:

  •     Collision
  •     Collision
  •     Collision

Collision is a collaboration between Michael Berkeley and visual artist Kevin Laycock. It is the result of cross-disciplinary work that examines the intersection of research in music and contemporary art. It examines the questions associated with the analysis, translation and interpretation of the musical score into a visual format using painting practice and digital media. It contains elements of Michael's other works, including Coronach, Gethsemane Fragment, the Elegy from the Oboe Concerto and Inner Space for Solo Flute.

Collision is designed to be presented in a public space where it provides the viewer/listener with a contemplative experience. It was first presented at the Pro Cathedral, Dublin on 14 November 2009, and was on display at the Leeds Art Gallery until May 2011. In July, Michael and Kevin introduced a further screening.

On the evening of October 13 2011, Art First gave the first London screening of Collision, which remained on show for the next month.

On March 8 2012, Collision went to Oxford, where Michael and Kevin introduced a screening at Wolfson College.

The images below are samples from the work:

Image from Collision

Image from Collision